Dikauri Ads

Take your advertising to the next level with our digital device options.

Dikauri Ad is the ultimate digital advertising restaurant device that will help grow your business – from help with marketing, to increasing customer engagement, and more! With its comprehensive suite of features, Dikauri Ad is the perfect solution for any restaurant looking to get ahead of the competition.


 Reach the right audience with precision, ensuring your messages resonate.

Captivate customers with stunning visuals and interactive content.

Instantly update promotions, specials, and events across platforms.

Gain actionable insights to fine-tune your strategies and maximize ROI

Seamlessly connect with customers across websites, social media, and more.

Tailor campaigns to individual preferences, boosting customer engagement

How it work


Place bids on ad placements based on specific criteria, such as demographics, interests,and location, ensuring your message reaches the right audience.


Bid within your budget, and our system dynamically adjusts your bid to maximize exposure while maintaining cost-effectiveness.


Gain instant access to performance metrics, allowing you to refine your strategy and allocate resources more effectively

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