Dikauri SmartOrder

From Paper to Digital, Enhanced Dining Experience

Experience the future of dining with our innovative solution that bridges the gap between front-of-house and the kitchen. Say goodbye to traditional paper orders and embrace a streamlined, digital process with our 3 options

Dikauri Menu™ app

Revolutionize your dining experience with our cutting-edge digital menu system. Empower your staff to take orders anywhere, anytime, ensuring seamless service and customer satisfaction.


Simply install our Dikauri Menu app on Android tablets, and watch as you impress customers with your innovative digital menu.

Dikauri TableTop™ app

Elevate your customers’ dining experience with our self-ordering solution. The TableTop app lets your customers place orders right from their tables by simply touching the screens. This solves issues related to staff shortages, cuts down on the need for front staff, and lowers costs, all while providing added convenience for everyone.


Dikauri QROrder™

With our QR code ordering system, you can quickly and securely place orders with just a few taps of your smart phone. We provide a secure, reliable, and user-friendly way to order quickly and conveniently.