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From Paper to Digital, Enhanced Dining Experience

Experience the future of dining with our innovative solution that bridges the gap between front-of-house and the kitchen. Say goodbye to traditional paper orders and embrace a streamlined, digital process with our SmartOrder service.

Hardware is not included.

Dikauri TableTop™ app

Introducing a new era of convenience and control in dining. Our cutting-edge technology allows your customers to take the reins and place their orders independently right on the tables.

The orders will be instantly displayed on the dashboard or integrated POS software to streamline your operations. Benefits:

Customers order at their own pace, minimizing wait times.

Easily personalize orders to suit dietary preferences and special requests.

Engaging visuals and descriptions help customers make informed choices.

Seamlessly settle bills through integrated payment options.

Customers can explore the menu without feeling rushed.

Embrace a safer dining experience with minimal physical contact.

With our solution, your business run well with less staff than before.

This feature enables customers to request specific services, like table cleaning or a baby chair, right from their table, eliminating the need for your front staff to be constantly present for such requests. Additionally, you can set notices, such as ‘Water is self-service,’ to provide additional information to your customers.

We intro multi methods to manage orders, you can do via:

  • An Android tablet with our Bizman app
  • Use dashboard website
  • Through our integrated POS


To utilize Dikauri TableTop, choose a package below. Hardware is not included but is available for optional purchase or lease. For inquiries, reach out to us via email at or through our contact form.

No subscription or over-limitation fees:

Pay-per-use at $0.50 per transaction.

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Select a package

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Create menu and settings. Refer to User guide

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