Hardware is optional and can be purchased or leased. However, if you choose to acquire the hardware from us, rest assured that it comes preinstalled and configured, allowing you to get started effortlessly by simply turning it on!


Tabler™ devices

Actual photos.

Our 8 inch devices called TABLER™ that can be placed on the tables, counters… people can touch to order, pay, call service right on the tables. This solution allows you serve clients at the table without waste time. 

We have single screen and double screens models.



Big sizes

KIOSK, Digital signage

KIOSK & Digital signage provider
We are happy to offer you a reasonable price for various kinds of Kiosks, from the small size that can be placed on the top of the counter to big floor-standing models.


Outdoor with waterproof also available on demands.

Handhold devices

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Instead of relying on a standard tablet for order reception and management, you have the option to equip handheld devices. Even businesses of smaller scale, such as family-owned establishments accepting cash payments, can efficiently record and mark orders as paid by a simple touch on these devices. It provides a straightforward and user-friendly solution.

Why us?
Everyone knows that without the software, these hardware are useless but not many realize how it is important until having the trouble. We are different: we are a Tech firm and code our software by ourselves. That's why we can quick response to your demands, customize tailor features or release more functions.