Equipping digital signage inside your venue is a good move because now you can show photos and notices to people for branding or boosting sales. But spending thousands of dollars for big screens does not mean they will work well or bring you what you expected. People usually make three big mistakes


Bad positions
This is the most popular mistake. Look at the photo of a cafe below,


As you can see: the LCD has been swallowed by many decorations around. This cafe has spent a lot of money to have a big 43 inch screen with a nice timber box but…

  • The screen is too high compared with the eye-sight of people and not easy to be noticed when sitting at the tables.
  • The moment you come to the counter, you look at the waiter and POS machine, not at the screen.

Do not put screens on where there is spaces – put them where it has a high eye-catching. In the cafes, the best place is on the walls where people can easily see.

Not enough
The next mistake is not having enough screens. A study says that normally people get attention after at least 6 times seeing it. You need to be sure that your images, logo, or promotion get into people’s minds by displaying them wide and much. By this, even people who do not intend to look at ads, will get the image. This is how Coca-cola does it.

To do this, you should equip enough screens. I recommend 3-4 screens in normal cafes or retail shops. In case you lke to have only one, be sure it has a big impression as in the photo below.

Wrong content
Everything has double faces, what you display on screens is very, very important. Of course, you can broadcast everything you like as long as they are not breaching the community safes ( no nudity, violence…) but the question is “what will helps your business?”

There are 3 kinds of content you can broadcast:

  • For branding: all creatives that make people remember you and your characteristics
  • For sales boosting: notice and announcement of promotions, events, loyalty programs…
  • For community and relaxation: useful selected notice of community and some funny clips…These make people have nice moments and contribute to building engagement.

Digital display and signage for eatery venues

I will not go deeper into this subject as it will be in another article but please keep in mind the basics: no matter what you show, keep the message clear and change the creatives frequently while keeping consistent in key elements such as primary colours and fonts.

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