We have good news: now you can assign any stuff in the menu or your selling list to a creative and people just touch to buy it. This new feature is applied for TABLER™ and our Digital Menu application that you are using on tablets or touch screens

Let’s shine your sales

One more step  a head to effectively replace the printing  flyers: when creating new SLIDE, you now can assign any item on your existing menu then when people touch any where on the ads, they will go directly to the ordering screen, no need to touch the bottom bar. 

How to make it?

Less than 3 minutes with simple steps:

  • Login to the CMS on website or tap on the left menu on the Android tablet/device we equipped you.
  • Go to the SLIDE section
  • Upload new photo if you want to make new ads.
  • Select the ads then click to the chain icon
  • Select the item in the list. 
  • Click Submit

This feature will be available on next update in November 2022.  The application will launch an auto update as normally. This feature also available for anyone who are using our Digital Menu on tablets.

Dikauri team.