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Now you know that the TABLER device could be a new way to promote your business. Let’s look at how you can actively promote your business with TaBLER Devices

1. Visualize your content/information

It’s going to be something new every time your customer looks at the device’s screen, it will keep the audience updated with the latest offerings to boost ultimate results. You can update your ads easily by everywhere & every time.

Video can be considering one of the most effective content to promote your business. In 2020, Wyzowl found 89% of video marketers said videos give them a good ROI. Also, Google found that the watch time of consumers on Youtube increased by 5 times in the past 2 years. It shows how important to visualize your content, especially through video. 

With Dikauri, you can freely set your video ads in any forms that match the content. And then you can show it directly to the customers. Imagine the ROI rate!



2. Customize your promotion

Establish, run and measure ad promotion. The device allows you to create your own advertisement campaign and freely arrange different product bundles for new promotions. It provides custom support to freely add and remove items on each promotion.

DIKAURI Tabler advertising

3. Team up with local vendors

Creating a win-win situation with your neighbourhood vendors by connecting with them to display your information on the device. As our digital screens are showing advertisements, it will showcase many local ads which will help increase brand awareness in the community but still fit with audiences’ interests.