With the sudden shift of the industry where the F&B market has to improvise in many ways to adapt. Imagine staff shortage, the rise of material cost, transportation cost and not much customers come to your restaurant nowadays, all because of Covid-19. Hence, with years of experience in the tech industry, we finally bring you our new TABLER device with functions exceed your expectations. Let us tell you more about it:

The double screens TABLER


Product purposes

1. A solution for staff shortage

With the current shortage of staff or mostly temporary employment, the TABLER device offers functions which helps the customers order or calls for service. They do not need to wait for any staff to come and serve them, it will get things done faster as it is one click away. Especially during rush hour, when more customers come to the place and not much staff can handle quickly, this device will give you a hand. 


2. Reduce waiting time for customers

As mentioned above, during rush hour, we cannot avoid situations when customers have to wait to call for orders/services. And one of our main purpose is to improve the service toward customers because we all know time is very important and if we let them wait for long, it will affect the creditability of the place.


3. Bring ads to the customer’s table

Another great purpose for the device is that we support the restaurant to expand their business by promoting their own advertisement through the device. We also welcome other local businesses to advertise through it. It is a way more effective and appropriate way to approach the customers.


Dikauri Table top display


Product features


      • Real-time statistic: We will not just give you the device, we also give you the whole management dashboard where you can check everything, from ad campaigns, to customers orders/call to service. This feature will summarize the data relating to the business results from your display ads, ordering status… which can helps you understand what is going on day to day. 
      • Digital Menus: A fully customized menu of your businesses. We have 02 kinds of the menu: the first one is the fine-dining style with photos, video, detailed information. The second style is quick-ordering that designed for a quick-eating restaurant, where you want to minimize the time people stay in your location. 
      • Call to service: Through the dashboard on our App, you can create whatever type of call to service you want then customers can access it through the device and choose as they want.
      • Ad promotion: as mentioned above, when on the static mode, the device will play a set of advertisements on the screen to promote the restaurant business or other local businesses.

We are a tech firm with a strong team and we develop ed software by our self, we control all functions and continuously release new updates such as Booking tables, Loyalty programs, etc.

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Thank you.

Dikauri team