Digital Transformation and Technology Application are essential integration into operating restaurants effectively nowadays, fundamentally changing how you deliver value to customers. 


It has been mentioned by business owners in recent years. When technology is gradually creeping into every corner, comprehensively changing the way of operation, from macro business administration to ordering food, most managers agree that the application of technology in management and operation is extremely important. 


In a survey of 700 managers on the topic “ARE BUSINESS REALLY DIGITALLY TRANSFORMING OR LIVING IN DIGITAL DENIAL?” by Progress in 2016 it was found that:

  • 96% of organizations see digital transformation as important or critical, yet 62% say their organization is in denial about the need to transform digitally
  • 86% say they have two years to make inroads before suffering financial or competitive consequences (55% say a year or less); 59% are worried they may already be too late
  • 99% say the main driver for digital transformation is optimizing customer experiences and engagement; 61% say customer engagement is a #1 priority for the next 12 months and 50% plan to invest in building applications in the next year
  • 72% feel IT is more likely to be the final decision maker/budget holder for digital initiatives; 78% say better alignment of IT and marketing is needed to deliver on digital transformation efforts
  • 58% say a high reliance on IT to deliver strategy is a barrier to provide improved customer experience through digital transformation; more than half cite lack of skills and leadership as key barriers

Table top digital devices that helps Restaurants, cafes cut down the waiting time, workload while boosting sales via Digital menu with Contact Less Ordering function. Presents by Digital Kauri limited via in-house developing App.


So what is digital transformation in the F&B industry really?

What do restaurant businesses need to do with digital transformation? What are they focusing on and where do they see opportunities?


Digital Transformation in business model 

Although restaurant businesses are under great competitive pressure from famous international brands, it is also the driving motivation that forces them to change and be more dynamic, applying many ways to approach the restaurant business, closer to customers. As the behavior and needs of customers are changing day by day, restaurants need to have the flexibility to adjust their business operations to meet those changes.

Applying technology brings new opportunities to digitize business models or even create new models such as Food Omnichannel, Food Delivery, etc.


Digital Transformation in customer experience

People often ask “How to retain customers, how to make customers have an impression or decide to buy?” then that’s all it takes to create the best customer experience. Customer experience is demonstrated almost every time: Before going to the restaurant – Eating at the restaurant – After eating at the restaurant.

Such as the application that allows you to book a table, order, and pay before going to the restaurant, customers do not have to wait and the restaurant can serve better. Or the electronic menu displays attractive pictures and shows the ingredients and which dishes are popular with many people.



Digital Transformation in operation 

How to serve quickly, accurately and provide the best customer experience, requires F&B businesses to digitally transform right from their internal business processes. Operation automation in the restaurant is applied to most departments with the support of technology such as: POS and tablet ordering equipment, kitchen display screen, inventory management system, delivery management system, customer relationship management. 

All towards the overall experience of customers: Convenient ordering – proactive control of order status – flexible payment and minimal waiting time.


Digital transformation is taking place globally and will certainly bring specific benefits such as improving work processes, increasing control over work, limiting risks, etc.


 ”It’s easy for an organization to overlook the need for change, but the data is clear—businesses must move toward a digital strategy that will benefit the customer experience and engagement, improve efficiency and increase organizational excellence—or inevitably become a distant memory.” – by Progress Team

However please keep in mind that a good digital transformation is the one that does not force you to change the way you are running your business and fits with the budget. We can giving advice how to bring Tech to your business, contact us : +64 212897788.