It became very clear that video is an important communication tool. 72% of people will find out more about the product with video advertising. But we should approach the customer in a way that they can also watch it and enjoy the meal at the same time.  Try TABLER ads! 

It sounds familiar to you because TABLER ads have been around for a while, but with the rise of technology, people switch their attention to digital ads more. However, TABLER is still the one of the closest to the customer while sitting in a restaurant, So we should leverage this solution more. Tables are typically overlooked when it comes to restaurant design and branding. Since your customers spend most of their time sitting at your tables, they are excellent spaces to take advantage of. With customizable table toppers and covers, you’ll be able to incorporate table space into your branding and catch the attention of your seated audience.


Dikauri TABLER devices at Fusion Cafe -Ponsonby Auckland.


As far as the design on the table topper goes, you have a lot of freedom to include whatever you wish. You can include anything from images of dishes you serve, graphics of your logo and restaurant name or even calendars of upcoming promotional events. It all depends on how you wish to use them and for how long you plan to keep them on tables.


As you may know, there are several types of TABLER ads you can use, for example decal cover, stretch cover, draped tablecloths, and more.


However, showing a plain paper ad would not be enough to impress the customers. We, Digital Kauri, have something better to offer for your restaurant. We call it the Dikauri device, this is a device that shows video ads right to the customer’s table. It also has many other options like digital menu, ordering, and checkout. Moreover, you can also manage all the information through a dashboard. We provide you with everything you need to run it. It is an all-in-one device for your restaurant. Let’s try it!