On 20/1/2022, Ardern announced that if Omicron transmission was detected in the community, all of New Zealand would move to Red within 24 to 48 hours. She also said “We won’t be able to stop Omicron entering the community, but we can use tools to try and slow it down. We need to be on guard, and ready“.  ( source)



If you are a manager or owner of businesses in the F&B sector, you must not forget the pain in the previous lockdowns, let’s prepare for the bad scenario.


Although the Red light is not a lockdown it will certainly damage your business as people will consider the eat out as a risk, plus the distance maintain together with other regulations for hospitality businesses.


The bright highlight is Kiwi support local businesses, I believe people will help cafes, restaurants..as they have done in the past by shopping with the take-away or pick up options at your venue front door.

Normally, you will prepare papers, pens, power, network cable for POS, printer and a lot of minor things to put on the front like these:



This looks not just turn your image bad but also makes your valued staff has to go back and forth for asking the order from people, write down on paper… What a waste of time, energy and slow down the circle of sale – mean reduce your margin.


With our TABLER™ devices, things will be easier: put some TABLER™ on the front door and people can do the contact-less order on them. Your staff will receive the orders and process them inside. Safe, clean and smooth, as you can see below.


Photo was taken at FUSION CAFE in Ponsonby, Auckland


You do not have to be big like McDonald to have a self-order kiosk, just use our TABLER™.


Health officials and epidemiologies confirmed the Omicron variant may not be as deadly as its precedents however its proven to be more contagious and infected rate are much more higher. This will pose higher risks for your business. As business owner you will need to create a safe and healthy workplace not just for customers but your own staff. Contactless services and social distancing is the key to operate under Covid pandemic.



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