management tools

You can manage the content on TABLER via:

  • Visit
  • Login with your account information (if you forgot your password, please click on the word “forgot password?”)

The login screen

  • You will see your dashboard which cover the performance of your business with our devices.
  • Start manage content

Use can use any Android  device (OS version later than 7.0) to manage. We recommend you reserved a Android tablet for the management only.

Depends on the package you selected, you might equipped by our devices that already install the Management App. 

  • To get the App, please email us at
  • Install it on your Android device ( Mobile or Tablet). If you dont know how to install an APK, Google this “how to install apk file on android” 
  • Once the installation completed, launch the App and login with your username, password.
  • Start to manage the conent.

At the moment, we are developing new application for iOS user, therefore, at the moment you can log in our  Management Portal Dashboard via any web browser on your MAC or iPhone  as mentioned above