Digital signage and the 3 most common mistakes

Equipping digital signage inside your venue is a good move cause you can now show many photos, and notices to people for branding or boosting sales. But spending thousands dollars for big screens does not mean they work well or bring what you expected. People usually make three big mistakes​

Action NOW to cut down 1000 per month

Media says 40% of restaurants and cafes are going through difficulty now. If you are and in the same situation, do not wait for support from government. Try to save yourself and DO IT NOW.

A device or service?

Why you should spend a thousand on a sale kiosk machine that only has one function instead of a multi-functions device?

Prepare for the RED

The RED might come suddenly, let”s prepare for this via our TABLER™ with contact-less order. Safe and save.

How technology solutions help the F&B industry overcome the pandemic

After more than a year of living with the epidemic, the restaurant and hotel business (F&B) has been severely affected. To help the F&B industry overcome the pandemic, many technology solutions have appeared recently on the market such as contactless ordering, online sales management, and setting up a sales website…